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Light Assembly

Knapp specializes in the assembly, testing, and packaging of precision plastic injection molded components. We manufacture products for a variety of customer needs. We provide everything from custom assembled products, to semi-finished and completely finished SKU level products.

Manual, Semi-Automated and Fully Automated Assembly and Testing

Manual - Using Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma practices, Knapp maintains high quality and competitive labor costs on high mix short production runs.


Semi-Automated – Where jobs require higher production or more demanding mechanical forces, Knapp’s automation team has designed semi-automatic machinery that improves assembly consistency and reduces operator strain while remaining cost efficient.


Fully Automated – Fully automated assembly solutions increase productivity and drive down labor costs by minimizing manually intensive assembly processes. Knapp’s automated equipment is capable of loading, inspecting and functionally testing products in an autonomous work cell leaving only the bulk loading and removal of products to the operator.

Incoming Inspection to System Functional Testing

Knapp’s incorporates its ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management and Control system into every aspect of its vertically integrated business model.


Knapp performs thorough incoming, in process, and dock audits for all purchased, molded and assembled components. Through the life cycle of the product, we perform checks on flow rates, pressure leak decay rates, vacuum generation levels and dilution control rates of our precision molded components to ensure that internal and external customer specifications are met at each stage of the design and manufacturing process


Coupled with visual and manual inspection, Knapp utilizes custom engineered Go/No fixtures and an optical vision system that detects flash, gaps, concentricity and other deviations from mechanical specifications in our molded components.

Flow Lines, Cellularization, Stand Alone

Depending on the goals of the assembly, Knapp utilizes Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma practices and methodology to fashion the correct work flow to perform all necessary manufacturing functions from pre-inspection to finished goods SKU product packaging. These work flow models include everything from stand-alone work stations and multi-person modular assembly lines all the way to assembly cells for larger hardware and custom components.

Integrated Systems

Knapp’s Design and Automation Team designed, developed and fabricated numerous semi-automated and automated production systems that integrate inspection, assembly, ultrasonic welding, dimensional checking, and leak/flow testing into one machine. 

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