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2018 Construction

Innovation & Technology Center


KNAPP MFG., INC. is a custom molding facility that welcomes all vendors that require any aspect of design, prototyping, tooling, molding, testing and assembly. We are vertically integrated molding facility.  Our capabilities give the customer the ability  to see a project from conception to final packaged product. We pride ourselves on being able to create a custom solution for any problem customers come to us with.


Knapp creates products for use in a large variety of industries. Some of the parts Knapp produces include:

Medical Uses:

  • Tracheal tubes

  • Brain biopsy needle guides

  • Obturators

Cleaning Technologies:

  • Diversey Care’s Opti-fill™: Detergent and disinfectant for commercial kitchens

  • RTD Orifice Rings: Allows customers to change the ratio of the product being dispensed

  • Assorted Spray Tips: At the exit of the can to release the product in the desired shape

  • Spill Proof Bottle Plugs & Mating Dispensing Caps: Used with chemicals


  • Gear mechanisms: For altimeters

  • Avionic gauges



  • Knapp’s skilled craftsmen are capable of ultra-tight tolerances to meet customer needs. Knapp can build SPI class 101 tools and molding parts that hold tolerances as +/- .0005 of an inch. Critical areas of our tools for these parts are built within +/- .0001.” Our quality team closely monitors this detailed process to ensure precision. We currently run over 100 million parts a year with this tolerance on critical features of customer products.


Knapp MFG., INC. has a long history of quality and precision beginning with founder Fred Knapp. In 1935, he tested the limits of the Gorton engraving machine, a two-dimensional pedestal model. He engraved the “Lord’s Prayer” on a piece of gold .005” in diameter, about the size of the point of a pin. Fred Knapp started Fred Knapp Engraving Co. Inc. in 1945, specializing in steel marking stamps, engraved signs and dials. His three sons, Bob, Rich and Ray soon joined and in 1955 a new building was constructed at our current location. The company expanded its capabilities with the addition of plastic injection molding to its  engraving capabilities.


In 1975, Knapp Manufacturing, Inc. purchased the Fluidic Division of Johnson Controls, now known as Air Logic. Air Logic specializes in the design and manufacturing of a line of custom molded pneumatic and vacuum components such as orifice restrictors, specialty filters, check valves, pressure & vacuum switches and regulators for medical applications, industrial controls and commercial and institutional dispensing systems. Air Logic has earned a strong reputation for product innovation and excellence in customer service, providing customers with the most flexible and productive systems on the market.

In 1993, three longtime employees, Jay Haertel, John Boticki and David Horvath, purchased the company.  Since then, the business has evolved  into a Plastic Injection Molding facility while maintaining the strong reputation the Knapp family established. The company transitioned from machine engraving and is now recognized as a precision plastic injection molding & tool and die maker. Twelve additions have been completed to the original building to accommodate expanding growth.


In 2013, Fred Knapp Engraving Co. became Knapp MFG., INC. to better represent the business today.



Knapp Manufacturing Inc. 
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Fred Knapp

Founder of Knapp Engraving Company

Current Owners of Knapp MFG., Inc.

Jay Haertel, Dave Horvath, John Boticki

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